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How to subscribe to the Library

Local schools can subscribe to the full range of library services through a service level agreement.

Schools in other areas, private schools and other users can set up a service level agreement on the same basis or can subscribe to parts of the service or for specific year groups.

Primary Schools:

100 items for each class teacher up to 6 times per year, including artefacts, costumes, books, posters and big books as required. These can be changed as often as required but are issued for a whole term.
100 items for the school library.
One half day advisory visit each year.
Attendance at the Primary Library Network Meetings.

Special Schools:

The arrangements are similar to those of a Primary school but the specific needs of the school are discussed to ensure the loan collections are appropriate.

Secondary Schools:

Secondary schools can subscribe to a full package of loans of books, artefacts and costumes to support the curriculum and reading boxes for tutor groups or they can select from the following menu:

Tutor boxes for all classes (6 loans per class per year).
Curriculum loans of artefacts, books or costumes either for whole school or on a departmental basis.
Librarians’ meetings and support for the school library.
Individual loan boxes.
Secondary library network meetings.

For current charges please contact the Library on 020 7527 5827 or email us at els@islington.gov.uk

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