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Secondary School Libraries

A good secondary school library impacts on student motivation and performance.

How good is your school library? Are you involved in designing a new school and need expert help with the library? Is your school library in need of a make-over? Are your students being taught how to be independent learners?

We can help with all aspects of planning and design, organisation and use of your library.

Library Design

We have experience of planning and design for new libraries as part of the Academies and the BSF programmes as well as refurbishing and modernising existing libraries.

Curriculum support and reading promotion

We have a series of school based training packages that we can set up to help you explore strategies for making the best use of the school library and ensuring that students learn to become independent library users and researchers.


We can help with the recruitment, support and training of learning resources staff.
We can arrange for staff to visit other libraries to help develop their professional practice.

Secondary Librarian Network

We run a programme of meetings every half term for secondary school librarians to act as a network and development and training forum. Schools with subscriptions to one of the ELS service agreements can attend these without charge. For other schools the cost is £150 for six meetings.


Secondary school librarians can negotiate a specific arrangement for borrowing books and artefacts based on their individual needs.

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