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Primary School Libraries

Does your library need a make-over? Is it used enough?

We can help with all aspects of design, organisation, furnishing and layout.

We can work with you on a 'changing rooms' plan to redevelop and re-plan the library space and work out effective strategies for making sure it is well-used.

We can do a stock audit and make recommendations about priority areas for spending and the best ways to do this. We can also buy new books for the library using our network of library suppliers.

We can do a stock review, including the removal of out-of-date items.

Is your library well organised or computerised?

Our experienced staff can set this up for you or train a member of staff in appropriate systems.

We recommend that primary schools use:

  • An adapted version of the Dewey classification scheme, specially developed for primary schools, which includes colour coding
  • A computerised library management system and we have a recommended software package.

Is your library being well used? Can you be sure that all pupils have a library book on loan at any one time?

We can help you develop a range of strategies and activities to ensure that your pupils develop their library and research skills and love of reading.

Who looks after your school library?

This is key to a successful primary school library. We have experience of a number of different models of staffing and can help you choose the most suitable for your school. We provide a training package for staff or you can decided to buy into our own Primary Library Service (see details under Primary Library Staffing)

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