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Primary Library Staffing

Staffing the school library is the key to success

One of the models that we suggest to schools is the Peripatetic Primary Librarian service. We provide a trained librarian to work in the school on a regular weekly basis, bookable either for half day or whole day. This ensures that the library is effectively used by the whole school and contributes to the development of a reading community.

‘I am now confident if I ask any child in the school they will know what book they are reading at the moment and will be able to talk about it’
(Primary headteacher)

Schools are required to sign up to this service for a specific period of time (e.g. full or half term, full or half day per week).

  • Open the library on a regular weekly basis for classes to select books and do library related activities
  • Develop reading groups or lunch time or after school clubs based in the library
  • Organise and maintain the library
  • Train teaching staff, volunteers and pupil helpers
  • Manage the computerised library system
  • Select new books


  • Whole day £205 (£190 for schools subscribing to the ELS Service Agreement)
  • Half day £103 (£95 for schools subscribing to the ELS Service Agreement)

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